In the allusive and unprecedented atmosphere offered by the Falegnameria Cavalleroni carpentry works at the heart of the Brera Design District, Pozzi-Ginori will be presenting at Fuorisalone 2014 an installation focused on suggestive plays of light and maxi-projections involving natural materials such as jute and wood.

Under the art direction of Antonio Citterio with design by Sergio Brioschi, the presentation will give added emphasis to the value of innovation and the abundant uniqueness of the new collections of special Rimfree® technology toilet bowls.

The outlines shining through the two big windows hint at something inside that is both protected and framed at the same time in a cage of light: Metrica, Fast, and Mago Collection Rimfree® technology toilet bowls.


Provided with internal lighting that showcases their intelligent, rim-free design for the occasion - the fruit of years of Sanitec research and development - Rimfree® technology amounts to a revolution in the world of bathroom fixtures that also ensures a remarkable reduction in water consumption and exceedingly elevated levels of hygiene thanks to its special flush water distribution and delivery system.


The choice is coherent with a brand whose story began three centuries ago when bathrooms first came to be installed in private homes, a phenomenon that has never stopped renewing itself since at the same pace as the ongoing evolution in hygiene habits, aesthetic taste, and home life in general.