Rigorous geometry and modular symmetries are the key to decoding the new Metrica collection from Pozzi-Ginori.

This array of cubic forms and confident lines for sanitary fittings and bathroom accessories in a vast range of sizes defines spaces within the bathroom, favouring the development of the most suitable solution within this coherent and uncompromising code.



The individual elements of the collection are arranged within a single stylistic setting:

the washbasins in a choice of five different sizes (50, 60, 75, 90 or 120 cm long), with the smallest featuring an asymmetrical design and an original soap dish carved into one side; the floor-standing or wall-mounted sanitary fittings; the mirrors, with directable LED lights, the many different size and composition options for the storage units and columns with reversible doors, and the vanity units with drawers that can be arranged horizontally or vertically at different levels, in the two resplendent colour options, glossy platinum grey or glossy white.

The toilet bowl has the added distinction of being available both in the traditional form and in the innovative version with Rimfree® technology, in which the rimless bowl guarantees the utmost hygiene, because the inner surface of the toilet bowl is entirely visible and easily accessible.