La collezione Citterio

Citterio is the last bathroom ceramics and cabinets collection from Pozzi-Ginori by Antonio Citterio with Sergio Brioschi.

Citterio’s design approach is informed by in-depth research into the different ways people experience their bathroom environment.

Adoption of a cross-cutting approach has resulted in a uniquely refined and functional bathroom where everything is carefully and tidily organized. Ultimately, everything exposed or in storage is conveniently and rationally arranged.


Citterio is a complete, functional high-end collection in which every detail has been attended to. It offers wash basins, bathroom fixtures and a wide range of bathroom cabinets.A broad range of ceramic sinks are available in a great many sizes to cater to all design requirements.

In addition to a 56 cm lay-on wash basin, the collection features five washbasins with central tap placement – from 60 to 120 cm in size – and two asymmetrical washbasins (dx and sx versions) from 75 to 90 cm. The 120 cm washbasin is double tap-set ready.

All models feature ceramic plug covers. Water closets and bidets are available in wall-hung and freestanding versions.

Very natural, clean and organic lines reign throughout. The water closets come with a built-in seat with a specially designed hinge to highlight the purity of their design. A range of essentially-styled cabinets allow designers to create and assemble a full system of capacious, highly-functional storage. Wood that offers its grain up to the touch is employed, along with tempered glass and anodized steel.

Ten types of under-basin cabinet are available for each model, with or without feet, for assembly into a variety of combinations.

The soft, organic shapes of the washbasins work in counterpoint to the essential lines of the cabinets, resulting in a harmonious overall effect. Available sizes range from 60 cm to 135 cm. Larger sizes are equipped with convenient water-resistant wooden storage containers.

A tempered glass front door provides access. Edgings and the full-length handle are made of anodized metal. Taking this “neat and tidy” ethos further still, the collection includes two 160 cm-high vertical cabinets, available either in a closed version with a tempered glass hinged door, or open-faced with a full-length mirror strip.

To complete the line, a series of essentially-styled mirrors is available at 90x60, 120x60 and 135x60 in size; the largest dimension comes with lateral shelving. All mirrors feature a wooden surround. Diffuse lighting for the mirror is provided by an LED-system slightly undercut with respect to the mirror’s edges.