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Rimfree® toilets achieve professional performance levels. With no rim they look cleaner and are esy to clean and mantain wich gives users confidence in the levels of hygiene. 


Tipically the technology used in water closet has traditionally depended on there being a lot of outtlets for the flush water, all hidden under a rim which guided the flow. the design of  Pozzi-Ginori Rimfree® toiltes is the result of years of developement, deisgning both a bowl and a jet system which do away competely with the need for a rim.


Water cascades into the toilet pan from a slot at the back of the bowl. holes at either end of the slot act as jets, powering water right around the bowl and rising it clean quietly and effectively. smart design ensures that water enters the bowl at precisely the right angle to mantain its speed and force. the shape and size of the toilet sump means that the pressure of the water pushes the content away quickly and smoothly.